Making lives – Project publications

Other texts linked to the project, produced by, or with contributions from, members of the research team:

Presentations and contributions to workshops related to the project:

  • Workshop at the University of Manchester, organised by the Migration Lab, in partnership with Jindal School of International Affairs and Save the Children’s Humanitarian Affairs Team. Hosted by Jessica Field, with contributions from Yamini Mookherjee, Anubhav Dutt Tiwari, Sophie Dicker, Estella Carpi, and Juliano Fiori (20 June, 2017): ‘Refugee self-reliance in cities? Challenges and opportunities’.
  • UCL Humanitarian Summit, organised by the UCL Humanitarian Institute, with a session chaired by Camillo Boano and with contributions from Estella Carpi, Yamini Mookherjee, Jessica Field, and Juliano Fiori  (22 June, 2017).
  • Research Councils UK conference on protracted conflict, linked to the Global Challenges Relief Fund, with contributions from Juliano Fiori and Estella Carpi (2-3 October, 2017).
  • Conference organised by the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore, entitled ‘The Politics of Distribution: Migrant Labour, Development and Religious Aid in Asia‘. Jessica Field presented the paper ‘Supporting refugees to work? Exploring the limitations and possibilities of urban refugee “self-reliance” initiatives in Delhi’ (16-17 November, 2017).
  • Workshop at by Jindal School of International Affairs to share findings of the research on refugee self-reliance in Delhi by Jessica Field, Yamini Mookherjee, and Anubhav Dutt Tiwari (30 May, 2017).
  • Lunchtime talk at Save the Children UK, presenting finding of the studies on Halba, Delhi, and Thessaloniki, with Jessica Field, Sophie Dicker, Estella Carpi, and Juliano Fiori (23 June, 2017).
  • Workshop on refugee self-reliance at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford, with participation from Anubhav Dutt Tiwari, Yamini Mookherjee, and Estella Carpi (June, 2017).